GT1R R35 Bolt on Parachute Kit

With the huge increase in users switching over to small rear brakes and 15″ wheels to gain traction, the need for a good parachute solution has become more important than ever. After many requests, we made some time to duplicate the setup on the T1 race car, and now it’s available as a bolt on solution for your R35 GTR.

The parachute attaches to the frame rails, where the original aluminum bumper beam attached.

– You will not have the factory crash support bumper with this component, this is for off-road use only.

– This kit is designed for use with a single parachute only, do not modify or use with any dual parachute setups.

Installation Instructions




Constructed of 4130 chromoly, bent and tig welded in house, the quality is exactly what you’d expect from T1. The entire kit is finished off with a gloss black powder coating for a great look and a very durable finish.


The tag line and chute support come out behind the license plate, when the chute is removed from the car, the plate can go back on with no signs of modification at all. IF you would like to run the chute AND the license plate, it can be done with minimal notching to the plate. The tube that holds the tag line and chute is a slip fit into the base tube and attaches with a bolt, so it can easily be removed and put back to a stock look, in a matter of a few minutes.

If you would like to add our recommended parachute to the order, we have that option as well, and we include a 'Remove Before Flight' safety flag. The car should always be transported with the safety pin in the parachute and the safety flag attached to the pin ensures your over worked crew guy doesn't forget to pull the safety pin!

Our base offering is the parachute mount kit and hardware. In order to complete that and make it operational, you'll need a parachute (we recommend the Stroud 430), release cable, and release cable lever. Our optional release handle kit is designed for easy installation into any car with a roll bar or roll cage. Our clamp-on release lever mount clamps to the main hoop of a 1.75" tube, which allows flexibility in location for driver comfort of any seating position. This kit includes the release cable, lever, and all necessary hardware for installation.

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