Strain Gauge

Strain gauge for clutchless shifting with the G Force shifter kit and a dog engagement transmission.The strain gauge generates a 0-5v signal based on how much force is applied to the shift lever. With a capable computer, this allows clutchless shifting with a dog engagement gear set. Your ecu will need to be able to generate an ignition cut based on a high and a low voltage (1v and 4v for example) and keep the ignition turned off for a preset amount of time (30-200ms). We have all the parameters for the MoTeC ecu and we will provide you with the information you need to get setup and tech support for MoTeC ecus only. Many other systems are capable of doing this, but we don’t have the information you need to do it so you’ll have to work with the manufacturer on it. The Strain Gauge is bonded to your existing shift lever, so you’ll need to send your shift lever in to us if you’re not buying this with a shifter kit.

*G Force Shift Lever is specific to the G Force Shifter




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