T1 Side Feed Conversion Kit for 04-06 STi

After many requests from Subaru owners, we came up with a solution for those stuck with a side feed injector and a severely lacking selection of fuel injectors. In the past, it was required to source the Tumble Generator Valves (TGV) from another Subaru application with top feed injectors and swap them and the fuel rails to convert to a top feed injector setup.

Not anymore, we’ve developed a new injector and rail combo that will allow you to fit any of the Injector Dynamics lineup into your side feed TGV’s with ease. The T1 rail conversion will cover it all from mild to wild with  1050cc/min, 1300cc/min, 1700cc/min and 2000cc/min injector options (all injectors are high impedance, eliminating the need for injector resistors or peak and hold injector drivers). The rail and mounting spacers are CNC’d aluminum and are black anodized. 8mm stainless steel mounting hardware is included as well. Inlet and outlet threads on the rail are -6 AN female and seal with an oring leaving plenty of flexibility for plumbing options. The rail kit is only sold with Injector Dynamics injectors. Each kit consists of 4 injectors, 4 injector connectors, 2 rails, 4 spacers and 4 SS allen head mounting.

Please specify desired injector size when ordering. Click ‘Product Details’ for more information…




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