Walbro 485lph Fuel Pump

The F90000274 (aka the “high pressure Walbro 450, 465, or 485”) is one of the highest performing fuel pumps that we offer for in-tank applications. This pump is identical to the F90000267, but it has a higher pressure safety relief valve for use in high boost applications.




  • compatible with gasoline, race gas, and ethanol blends up to E99, as well as race gas/ethanol blends
  • able to operate up to 112 psi total fuel pressure
  • internal checkvalve for use in staged (or non-staged) fuel systems
  • dual channel turbine pump for very quiet operation
  • comes with fuel safe sealed Delphi electrical connector
  • requires Walbro prefilter on inlet (recommend Walbro 125-190)
  • fuse each pump at 25A
  • not recommended for methanol fuels
  • made in USA by TI Automotive

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