Weldon Fuel Filter

Weldon Fuel Filter

Weldon Billet Fuel Filters are manufactured with the same exacting specifications and stringent quality requirements as our Racing Fuel Pumps. Weldon’s Premium Filter media whether replaceable, paper cellulose or cleanable, stainless steel protects Carburetors and Injectors from contamination.

  • 100 Micron Stainless Steel filter for use before the 600-A and any other manufactures’ fuel pump
  • 40 Micron paper cellulose filter for use before Weldon Billet and Cast Bodied pumps
  • 10 Micron paper cellulose filter for use after all fuel pumps
  • Over 60 sq. in. of filtering area
  • -12 AN O-ring ports, 10 AN O-ring ports, 8 AN O-ring ports
  • Radiused end caps to improve fuel flow within filter
  • Compact size — 5.5″ Long x 2.38″ Dia.
  • Black/Gold Bright Dipped Anodized for a long lasting high-performance finish
  • Replaceable Filter Elements available
  • Minimal pressure drop



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