BeLaK Huracan/R8 18″ Drag Pack (Non-Beadlock)

T1 and Belak were the first to offer an 18″ beadlock wheel package available for the Huracan and second-generation R8. By popular demand, we are now offering a non-beadlock version of the same fitment. Belak Industries is a premier racing wheel manufacturer that offers beautifully designed and lightweight wheels drag racers dream about.  As T1 has ventured into the world of building the Lamborghini Huracan and gen 2 Audi R8 platforms we quickly decided this was another AWD platform that could benefit from the availability of a full beadlock drag pack. T1 and Belak Industries have worked together for years to bring the market new fitments tailored towards drag applications, and with the large brakes offered on these platforms, we had our work cut out for us.  The drag packs come with all parts required and are recommended to be installed by a qualified mechanic to ensure proper installation.

Wheels come in either the standard finish (black face and center, polished barrel), powdercoated barrel, or completely custom powdercoated. If you are wanting your wheels powdercoated, give us a call and we can help you pick out the perfect color, check out our SAMPLES PAGE for some ideas!

The price is for all four wheels and lug bolts, but does not include tires. Available with Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, T1-01, and T1-02 centers.

Front wheels measure 18×8.5″

Rear wheels measure 18×12″

Installation Instructions

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With all of our custom BelaK wheel options, you have the ability to customize the finish of nearly every component with any number of powdercoating options. Your imagination is truly the only limiting factor in what can be done. If the standard black/polished finish isn't what you are after you can coat the entire center in one color, or two-tone and have custom colors on the face and in the pockets.

The barrels can be left in the standard polished finish or coated in any single color of your choosing.

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