GT1R 17×10″ Front Drag Pack

As power levels continue to grow at an unbelievable rate with the R35 platform, the need for a better front wheel/tire package has become increasingly important. The ability to run a 17-inch front slick on the R35 takes some work and we were not willing to cut any corners in offering a complete bolt-on kit. T1 and WP Pro Brakes teamed up to design hands down the best small front brake kit available.

Stability and traction are increased significantly by switching to a front slick compared to having a drag/street radial up front and a slick on the rear. While this may seem counter productive, combining a front radial and a bias-ply rear is actually very sketchy. Slicks on the front will greatly improve the steering sensitivity and stability.

The complete combo, brakes (steel rotors), brake lines, wheels, tires, tire screws, bead locks, slicks, titanium lug nuts, mounted, etc is $7,645.




The standard finish on wheels is a polished barrel, black face with machined pockets, and black bead lock with machined pockets. Any powdercoating finish is available as an upgrade. We will offer titanium bolts as an option on both the beadlock ring and the face to barrel bolts. Titanium lug nuts are included as standard equipment with the kit.

photo GT1R front drag brake 2_zpsskv1orgm.jpg

Before taking on this project we needed to ensure that there would be no significant loss in braking power. The smaller brakes still needed to be able to safely stop the car, regardless of the car being equipped with a parachute. WP Pro Brakes designed a great kit utilizing a 345mm diameter rotor (standard material is steel, carbon is an option), that is still 30mm wide (same as stock), along with a 6 piston caliper that all bolts directly up to the stock hub with no modification.

GT1R Front Slick/Wheel/Brake Combo-0

With the brakes squared away we were now able to focus our attention on the 17-inch front wheels. Having worked with Belak Industries extensively in the past with the 15-inch rear wheels, we decided to have a matching set made for the front. The new 17x10 front wheel with a single beadlock seen in the pictures fits perfectly and requires no modification to the stock fenders with a 28x10 slick.

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  1. Anonymous

    Installed plenty of these over the years. Fantastic product as usual from T1

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