Colab Garage Parachute System – Huracan/R8

Colab Garage Parachute Mount with Remount Mount Release System for use with Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan.

We are proud to introduce an industry first product design for a removable parachute mount for the second generation Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan. Our mission here at the lab was clear… (1) Develop a completely removable parachute system that does not leave behind unsightly holes in your expensive super car body work and (2) Design a way to remove this system without the use of any tools by the end user. This was truly a collaborative effort by our team to find innovative ways to bring this to market all while following the rules for NHRA and FIA for parachute systems. We understand that these cars have gained leaps and bounds in just a few short years in terms of speed and ET at the drag strip and in roll racing competition. However, the safety gear for this platform has lagged behind, and we suspect that most customers are just not willing to permanently modify their V10 twin turbo super car to allow for a parachute to be installed. Let’s be honest here, these cars are incredible in that they can eclipse speeds of 180mph at the drag strip and well over 200 in roll racing competition in 100% street trim. While the braking system is extremely good, it is not the only thing you should rely on to slow you down. A properly mounted parachute will safely slow your vehicle down to a speed that will not require heavy braking at the big end of the race track and will potentially save you and straighten out the car if things get out of sorts.

Our design uses the existing mounting location for the rear transmission mount. This is a reinforced area of the chassis by nature and has also allowed for us to mount the center of the receiver tube extremely close to the crank center line of the engine. Placing the parachute receiver tube here ensures that the car will not become unsettled when the parachute deploys and starts to decelerate the vehicle. Our custom mount requires no cutting or modification to the chassis and is reinforced in several areas with custom hardware to ensure the strength is there when it is needed most.

When it comes to the controls for our parachute for the second generation Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan we wanted to match the quality and design of the vehicle. Using a billet aluminum control cable to release the parachute from the vehicle was the natural solution and is right at home in the engine bay. To the untrained eye, onlookers would not know it didn’t belong there in the first place. For the interior release handle we chose an under seat design that retains full functionality of the passenger seat and requires zero cutting of your expensive trim panels in order to fit it. The design of the handle is slim so your passenger is not obstructed by it in any way and allows for a natural position to pull when the time comes to deploy the parachute. Custom colors, upholstery, and materials are available for an even more customized look.


  • Huracan/R8 Parachute Mount
  • Colab Garage Release Handle Kit with custom release handle
  • Stroud 430-32 drag parachute – black
  • Colab Garage “Always Pull Out” parachute flag
  • Colab Garage safety pin flag for release handle
  • Colab Garage either proof storage wash and cover



Automated Pin

This industry first design uses a spring loaded pin with a remote mounted control cable that allows you to pull the cable from the engine bay to remove the parachute and reinstall it with the confidence that the spring loaded pin will lock in every time you install it.

Quick Disconnect Release Cable

The second innovation we had to develop was a way to quickly remove and install the rear part of the release cable along with the parachute mount itself. This solution uses a hook capture system that recedes into the control tube while in operation, but will extend to release the rear cable when the safety pin is pulled at the handle located under the passenger seat.

Slim Handle Design

We know that you don’t want to compromise your interior space of your super car to place a parachute handle. We opted for an under seat design that allows for full use of the passenger seat and give a natural position for your to pull that handle without any cutting or drilling of your interior.

Stroud Safety

Stroud is the industry leader in racing parachute design and manufacturing. With 50 years of experience to lean on, it was an easy decision to go with the Stroud 430/32 as the obvious choice based on the speeds and weights of these modern super cars.

Weather Proof Storage/Wash Cover

Tired of using a trash bag to keep your parachute dry if you are caught in the rain or want to give your baby a quick wash? Need a way to store your parachute when it is not being used? We have thought ahead for you and offer this Colab branded weather proof cover as an option, keep it classy!

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