GT1R 15×12″ Rear Drag Radial Drag Pack

The R35 GT-R has proven itself to be a formidable competitor at the drag strip, and as time has gone by more and more owners have found a need for a much stickier rear tire. As power levels continue to climb street tires and large wheels have become a hindrance. Although there are several options currently available to consumers in regards to both 15-inch wheel/tire packages and the necessary small brakes to run them, we feel our kit is the safest, most attractive, and easiest to install.

This kit uses a 15×12″ rear wheel

Wheels come in either the standard finish (black face and center, polished barrel), powdercoated barrel, or completely custom powdercoated. If you are wanting your wheels powdercoated, give us a call and we can help you pick out the perfect color, check out our SAMPLES PAGE for some ideas!

The wheels come standard with ARP stainless hardware.

A set of titanium lug bolts come at no additional charge with each wheel, or you can upgrade to a set of black anodized lug bolts for an additional fee.

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The gorgeous 15″ Belak drag wheels come finished with titanium hardware throughout, and are undeniably the most attractive drag wheels on the market. Our kit includes the single beadlock on the outside of the wheel. We offer any combination of powdercoating you would like, and the standard finish is the satin black face and bead lock, machined pockets, and polished barrel. The shanked lug nut necessary to run these Belak wheels are included in the kit.

Our package includes a set of Mickey Thompson 325/50/15 drag radials already installed on the wheels. Our small brake kit comes with new calipers, pads, rotors, emergency brake shoes, backing plates, rear brake lines, new hubs, and necessary hardware. Unlike most other kits, ours does allow the factory emergency brake to remain functional! This kit does require and comes with the SPL High Clearance Rear Traction Arm.  You will need to have SPL Camber and Toe links in order to use this kit.  We don’t include these as standard with the kit because some people already have these pieces.  If you don’t have them and need to add them, please do so in the drop down options.  With these added, this is EVERYTHING necessary to run 15″ wheels on a stock GTR, retain full streetability with the brakes, and retain the parking brake (if you prefer not to use the parking brakes to save weight, they can be removed with no issues).

An 18-inch front wheel with a soft sidewall drag radial (M&H 275/45/18 drag radial) is recommended.

If this is a race-only application and do not wish to retain the parking brake, please select that option below and we will send the correct parts with the kit.

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