GT1R C127 PNP Harness – Race Version

GT1R C127 PNP Harness – Race Version

The race version of our harness allows for full OE cluster removal like the street harness, but instead of
using the available inputs for street oriented things, we’ve used some of the inputs/outputs for more
race oriented things, and made the additional spares gained more readily available than on our street
The normal configuration comes with a PNP connector to allow removal of the ‘R switches’, as common
when swapping to a carbon dash in a race car. When doing this, the C127 is programmed to trigger
both the R for Trans mode and the VDC off every time the engine starts, taking one more step out of the
driver’s hands. The dash is also setup to display the trans R mode state, so you can be sure it’s enabled
for racing.
We also incorporate an input from a button on the wheel for a pneumatic release parachute lever.
From this button we apply logic in the dash programming to ensure that the button will only work to
release the chute over a certain MPH, ensuring it doesn’t accidentally get dumped in the staging lanes!
If using a pneumatic launcher chute, it’s critical that the CO2 system is ‘armed’, as the CO2 to the chutes
has to be shut off each time they’re re-packed. We recommend installing a Hobbs pressure switch on
that portion of the CO2 system, then wiring to this harness as a CO2 armed input. In doing so, we are
able to flash an alarm at the driver to let them know if a run is being attempted without the CO2 switch
at the chute being armed.
There’s a ton of capability with these dashes in a race application, and plenty of inputs and outputs to
make it happen. If you have ideas about what you’d like it to do that you don’t see listed, shoot us an
email and we’ll help you work it out.




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