GT1R CFS Full Length Kit – 12-Injector | T1 02.01.03

GT1R Complete Fuel Solution for AMS/Boost Logic 12-Injector Manifold | T1 02.01.03

When tackling the fuel system on any high horsepower project there are understandably a number of things to address. One of the biggest headaches involved with making big numbers on ethanol based fuels is simply having enough fuel pump flow. While it may seem simple, historically this involves having two or even three fuel pumps, all of which adds up to a major wiring job and often times battling high fuel temps.  Another often overlooked area is proper filtration, which is critical in protecting the expensive high flowing fuel injectors needed to support the power.  T1 has been the sales and support side of Injector Dynamics since day one, which has allowed us to gain an enormous amount of experience and knowledge on performance fuel systems as a whole.

While our first generation Complete Fuel Solution was an extremely well designed and engineered kit, the introduction of the Injector Dynamics FPS1100 brushless pump and controller meant we could really take the kit to the next level.  The brushless pump featured in the FPS1100 system is capable of supporting 2,000whp on ethanol based fuels, which is something never before achieved by a single in-tank pump.  We took things a step further and engineered a full plug and play wiring harness that makes wiring in the controller and pump a breeze. As was the case with our previous generation kit, a Fore F2i fuel pressure regulator, GT1R fuel rails,  GT1R Gen 2 flex-fuel kit, and every fuel line needed is included.  This version features -08AN lines feed and return lines from the hanger. All lines are now labeled for ease of install, and heat-sleeved when necessary.  The Injector Dynamics F1250 fuel filter is also included, which meets Bosch’s OE specification for fuel injector filtration.

If you are looking for a pressure sensor or the electronics for our flex fuel kit, our GT1R Fuel Pressure Sensor kit and GT1R Flex Fuel Electronics can be purchase separately which will come with everything you need for install.

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