GT1R Line Lock Kit

The GT1R Line Lock Kit is the simplest and most effective means of turning your R35 into John Force’s funny car… kind of. While it won’t bump your car into the NHRA Funny Car class, it will make achieving those big smokey burnouts much easier.  We have handled everything minus wiring in a signal wire with this kit; all brake lines, fittings, solenoids, and wiring is included.  Simply install this kit in line with the front brake plumbing, wire in a trigger, bleed the brakes, and you are done.

Installation Instructions can be found HERE




  • This kit is only designed to be used with the factory ABS system on the R35 GT-R.
  • The ability to do RWD burnouts is not achievable with a stock computer, please consult your tuner before attempting to use this kit.

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