GT1R Mirror Deletes

Looking for every last tenth and MPH means addressing all aspects of a build. Often times aerodynamics are overlooked, but are certainly a major part of the equation.  The bulky side mirrors on the R35 GT-R aren’t doing the car any favors aesthetically nor for drag.  When removing the mirrors for race day you will find an unsightly abrasion ring on the door from the mirror seal in addition to four holes.

The GT1R Mirror Deletes cover all of these eye sores and can be taken off with ease at the end of a successful race weekend.  In addition to notable aerodynamic gains, deleting the mirrors also saves 5.4lbs total.  The mirror deletes are a high quality polyurethane dome covered decal made by Dometag. In addition to the protective top dome and high resolution design the decals are manufactured with a temporary adhesive backing.  The adhesive typically leaves no residue, and depending on the conditions may be removed, stored, and reused again later.  Learn more about Dometag HERE.





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