GT1R Drag Spoiler/Trunk

GT1R Drag Spoiler/Trunk Combo

The GT1R Drag Spoiler was designed to improve the aerodynamics of the R35 chassis for straight-line acceleration. Downforce always comes with some amount of drag, so often the goal in straight-line racing is to minimize drag to improve acceleration. We were lucky enough to have Yoshi Suzuka of Suzuka Racing (primary aerodynamic developer on the R35) approach us about some aerodynamic development on our shop car. In his wind tunnel, he was able to verify the aerodynamic advantages our spoiler had, which is not something you will find with any other drag spoiler or wing on the market.

The chart below illustrates some of the wind tunnel results found. For both the front and rear lift coefficients a positive value indicates downforce and a negative number indicates lift. The more negative, the worse the lift is, the more positive, the greater the downforce. For overall drag coefficient the lower the number the less overall drag there is.

As you can see there is a measurable decrease in overall drag with the GT1R Drag Spoiler over the stock wing.  There is also a slight decrease in front downforce and a very minor increase in rear downforce under acceleration.

As a bonus, this combo looks badass AND saves a few pounds. The stock trunk and spoiler weigh 20.5lbs. The GT1R trunk and spoiler weigh 15.9lbs.

You’ll be setting records and winning car shows immediately after installing this combo! *(results may vary)

The fit of the spoiler on the trunk and car is very specific. The only way we can ensure proper fitment is to provide a fully assembled trunk/spoiler that you will simply bolt onto the car. No fitting or adjustments need to be made on your end other than centering the trunk on the car at the 4 bolts on the hinges. The spoiler struts connect to the trunk itself, so the trunk remains fully operational without having to disconnect the spoiler struts or anything.

The kit includes our gloss carbon fiber spoiler, a gloss carbon fiber trunk, and new stainless steel mounting hardware for the trunk hinges (the factory ones often get damaged on removal, the hex is very shallow on them).

To ensure safe shipment on this, the product ships in a wooden crate via truck. Shipping to most US locations is typically between $150 and $300 (depending on the location and whether it is commercial or residential.)

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GT1R Drag Spoiler/Trunk


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3 reviews for GT1R Drag Spoiler/Trunk

  1. Anonymous

    Top notch company, awesome customer service, fast shipping, and a great product. This trunk & spoiler just looks crazy mean and is super light. Great, quality engineering. It is made really well and I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about putting some good times down at the strip. Thanks T1!

  2. Anonymous

    This handmade piece of art works as well as the description says it does, what more can I say? Buy it!

  3. Anonymous

    This is literally a hand made piece of art. Not only does it look absolutely badass but it adds actual performance to your GTR. This way provides less drag, downforce, and even weighs less than the stock trunk. Highly recommend this to set your GTR apart from the pack!!

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