GT1R MoTeC C1212 Dash Kit

The GT1R Motec C1212 dash kit transforms look and feel of the R35 GTR.  The heart of the kit is the Motec C1212 display.   This screen measures an incredible 12” diagonally, fully filling the opening of the stock instrument cluster.   The ultra-bright screen is vibrant and anti-reflective, making it easy to view in direct sunlight.

To make this install complete, this kit also includes a PNP wire harness, with provisions for additional sensors and a back-up camera (will come on the screen when in reverse if installed), an extension loom to plug into your Motec M1 harness, a CNC mounting bracket for the dash, and our custom display layout made with Motec Display Creator.

The custom layout is very detailed and pictures along with an in depth description can be found here.

If you already have our harness and a C1212, you can purchase the Display Creator license and calibration separately, please contact us for more details.

Kit Contents:
(1) Motec C1212 Display Logger w/USB – $3,950
(1) CNC C1212 Dash Mount – $750
(1) 17 Input/Output Option for C1212 – $400
(1) Display Creator Option for C1212 – $500
(1) GT1R PNP Wire Loom for C1212 – $1,500
(1) GT1R C1212 to M1 extension harness – $70
(1) GT1R Display Creator Layout Calibration – $500
Total – $7670




This dash will require minor trimming for pre-2017 models, details to be sent upon request. Once complete, none of it is visible and the process takes a few hours for a first time installer’

For 2017+ cars, the trimming process only applies to the top cover of the movable part of the dash assembly and is quick and easy to do. The C1212 however is a couple millimeters too wide for the opening and has to be slowly worked up from the bottom to get it in place. It’s a very snug fit, but it will go.

The color scheme is configurable by the end user, with a choice of red, blue, or orange. Changing these easy easily handled within MoTeC Dash Manager and a thorough walk through is provided.

When your FWD clutch is disabled (when the M1 is doing FWD control only), the screen will have a blue background, making it obvious you're in burnout mode and to remind you to switch out before racing!

The HP/TQ gauges are shown here. In the Dash Manager calibration, there's a user scale adjustment for this. A value of 100 will make the HP gauge get to the end of the dial at 1000hp. A value of 50 will make it reach the end of the gauge at 2000hp, so you can adjust the range to suit your build. Below is an example of the scale at 50, and 1000hp.

This page shows the friction circle, this moves in real time based on vehicle dynamics. It reaches the end of the circle in any direction at 1G. Toggling between this graph, the HP/TQ display, TPMS, and temperatures is handled through the factory cluster button.

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