GT1R OEM Engine Bay CFS Kit | T1 02.01.02

GT1R Complete Engine Bay Fuel Solution for use with OEM main feed/return lines and AMS/Boost Logic 12-Injector Manifold

The second generation of our Complete Fuel Solution ushered in a completely revised system throughout, and this engine bay specific kit is intended for people who wish to use their own fuel pump hanger setup. As was the case with our previous generation kit, a Fore F2i fuel pressure regulator, GT1R fuel rails, GT1R Gen 2 flex-fuel kit, and every fuel line needed is included. Fittings to mate to your OEM feed and return lines are also included. All lines are now labeled for ease of install, and heat-sleeved when necessary. Because the OEM lines are being utilized in this kit, this version is recommended for applications under 1,400whp on ethanol. The Injector Dynamics F750 fuel filter is also included, which meets Bosch’s OE specification for fuel injector filtration.

While not required, we do offer solutions for both fuel pressure and fuel temperature monitoring. The Injector Dynamics Pressure and Temperature sensor kit installs on the outlet side of the F750 filter and can be added now or at a later date. If you are looking for a pressure sensor only, our GT1R Fuel Pressure Sensor kit can be purchase separately instead which will come with everything you need to install on the fuel pressure regulator.

Fuel System Diagram and Installation instructions – Click Here


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