IMS R8/Huracan Line Lock System

Iroz Motorsport Line Lock System designed for Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan

The IMS ‘line lock’ system works a bit different than a traditional system. Instead of holding pressure at the front wheels for a burnout, this system blocks pressure to the rear wheels.

This makes things simple as you can use your Motec to turn this on when in burnout mode and not have to worry about additional buttons to activate and deactivate. Simply hold the brake pedal and apply throttle for wheel spin as desired.

You can run this to a half bridge output with NO relay, so installation is simple, you just ground one wire near the solenoids and run the other to the ECU output.

This includes the solenoids and mounting brackets, and necessary adapters for the brake lines. Installation is as easy as mounting and intercepting the brake line, and wiring to the ecu.




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