Matts Performance R8 Carbon LMS GT4 Style Side Blades

Audi R8 Gen.2 LMS GT.4 side blades

  • Prepreg dry carbon made from carbon mold ( created in autoclave )
  • Airbox extensions system included ( increase airflow and cooling )
  • Very light version with top finish quality- this is not high resin product that will get imperfections on sun
  • Main side blades made from 3 layers of carbon: 1×225 2×200 1×600 ( not only one with tons of resin )
  • Carbon prepreg brackets system
  • OEM bolts same as OEM LMS GT blades with possibility to adjust
  • Mesh / grilles made from carbon fiber twill plate ( not 3d printed )
  • Two styles of mesh available V1 and V2 
  • Top quality product
  • Matte or gloss finish

Price includes inbound shipping from Matts Performance




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