MoTeC Lambda to CAN Dual NTK

MoTeC’s LTCD NTK (Lambda to CAN) modules monitor, control and diagnose NTK Lambda sensors, transmitting readings on a CAN bus. When multiple LTCD NTKs are used, up to 32 Lambda sensors can be configured on a single CAN bus, allowing an ECU or logging device to simultaneously monitor numerous Lambda sensors.

NOTE: MoTeC’s LTCD NTK is also available in a singular version, LTC NTK

Sensors compatibility:

NTK, 5 wire sensor






  • 2 x NTK Lambda sensors (MoTeC #57007)
  • Power supply voltage 11 V – 16 V
  • Power supply current 110 mA typical plus the sensor heater current (heater current is typically 0.5 A – 1 A and up to 2 A on startup)


  • 1 x CAN at 1 Mbit/sec


  • 1 x 4 pin male DTM connector (power/CAN)
  • 2 x mating connectors for NTK Lambda sensors

Physical Dimensions

  • 38 x 26 x 23.5 mm excluding wiring looms and connectors


  • 100 grams

Maximum ambient temperature

  • 100 °C

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