MoTeC M800 Mil Spec 2 pc Honda Harness

T1 Spec Honda M800 Harness with Mil Spec firewall disconnect


  • This is our Mil Spec M800 harness for the B, H, and D series motor now available as a two piece harness with firewall disconnect. This harness is setup for 8 fuel injectors, MAP, TPS, VSS, Engine temp, Air temp at the throttle body, Air temp at the compressor outlet, Oil temp, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Exhaust Backpressure, Compressor inlet Pressure, Strain Gage, M&W Pro 14, VTEC, Starter, T1 Cam Trigger and Boost Control Solenoid. The harness can be configured to meet your needs with options for other sensors such as EGT’s, Turbo Compresssor speed, etc. There are also options for a shift light, warning light, fuel pump control, fan control, etc. Most options do not change the cost.
  • The harness itself is built with Mil Spec Tefzel wire and Raychem DR25 heat shrink and uses DTM connectors and OEM or required sensor connectors. MoTeC M800 not included.
  • Please call for more info or if you have any questions



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