PLM Kit w/ Lambda Sensor Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor is included as standard. NTK  sensor is available as an upgrade. The quick and easy to use Professional Lambda Meter (PLM) measures the air fuel ratio over a wide range of mixtures with fast response time. It has the power and configurability required for both development and tuning of emission controlled vehicles and for use in motorsport. Sensors compatibility

  • Bosch LSU, 5 wire sensor
  • NTK UEGO, 5 wire sensor



Pro Lambda Meter Kit, LSU 4.9 and NTK


  • CAN communications up to 1 Mbit
  • RS232 communication for configuration
  • Analogue output providing differential voltage
  • Maximum 8 ampere sensor heater
  • Multiple PLMs (up to 16) can be connected together
  • Available as part of complete kits
  • Usable as an alternative to wideband Lambda upgrades in MoTeC ECUs and Dash Loggers
  • 2 x 9 pin Dsub connector
  • Robust aluminium enclosure


  • Compatible fuel:
    • gasoline/petrol
    • alcohol
    • LPG
    • diesel
    • user defined ‘blend’ fuel
  • Comprehensive diagnostic and status channels
  • Calibration methods:
    • automatic, using the sensor’s built-in calibration resistor
    • manual table entry
    • known oxygen environment
    • calibration constant
  • Standard configuration tables
  • Configurable to compensate for sensor aging and contamination
  • Accuracy +/– 1.5%
  • Operating range:
    • Lambda 0.7 to 32
    • AFR 10.3 to 470 for gasoline/petrol
    • oxygen 0 to 22%


  • Display configurable to show Lambda, Air Fuel Ratio or equivalence ratio
  • Flexible display setup configurable for
    • resolution (decimal points)
    • display update rate
    • display filtering
    • backlight intensity
  • Easy to read 3.5 digit LCD with 12.7 mm (½”) digit height

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