Syvecs 50hz GPS

The Syvecs 50hz GPS Module is designed to provide even more control to our engine control units with accurate global positioning, acceleration forces for 6 axis, and GPS Speed.

The Unit features fast positioning lock with hot restarts due to internal battery storing last positioning data.

This is something that customers have asked for quite some time in order to provide an accurate speed measurement that allows our advanced traction control strategy to be used on 4wd or drag cars.

Circuit-based cars gain huge benefits also being able to calibrate the ECUs traction control, torque management and warnings to be based off GPS position, allowing calibrators for example to limit torque and lower a slip target in different corners.




The following parameters are available from our 50Hz GPS Module:

GPS Lateral Position
GPS Longitude Position
GPS Speed
GPS Course
GPS Altitude
GPS Time and Date
Number of Locked Satellites
GPS Mode Letter
GPS Fix Quality
Lateral G Force
Longitudinal G Force
Vertical G Force

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