T1 Battery Cutoff Kit

T1 Electric Battery Cutoff Kit


  • We’ve updated our popular battery cutoff kit with a newer technology solid state relay. Solid state relays have no moving parts to fail for reliable performance in high vibration environments.
  • This kit allows you to meet NHRA safety guidelines when a battery cutoff switch is required. The kit is based around a 200amp solid state relay.
  • Installation on the kit is much easier than a typical battery cutoff switch. The solenoid is generally mounted close to the battery. Once mounted, you will simply wire the solenoid inline on the heavy-gauge power cable coming from the battery, and wire in a switched ground (switch included, to be mounted in the rear bumper). You need to make sure your alternator output wire is going directly to the battery now as it will keep the car running when the solenoid is turned off otherwise. When 12v and ground are applied, the two big posts are connected. Your switched ground wire will run from the black wire to the rear of the car, and connected to one pole of the switch. The other pole of the switch will be wired to a chassis ground in the rear of the car. Drill a 1/2″ hole in the rear bumper and mount the switch and switch cover.
  • Turn the switch on and start the car. Turn the switch off, and if the car dies you’ve done it correctly.

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