T1/DSX V10 Billet Intake Manifold – Port Injection

This intake manifold was designed to replace the entire OEM assembly on the 5.2L V10 that features dual injection. The process started with a 3D scan of the OEM components and worked backwards to design a complete billet solution featuring screw in velocity stacks, exquisite surface finishes and tool patterns, exceptional fitment and ease of installation, and a wild diamond faceted top shell to give a complete stand out look.

Each lower plenum features a 4 ORB connection on the bottom side at the rear and at the front, as well as a 6 ORB connection on the front face (in addition to another 4 ORB connection angled under the throttle body). All connections are designed to utilize o-rings (the plenum halves mate with o-ring cord) and eliminate the weak factory seal between the lower and upper runners. There is also a MAP sensor provision added behind each throttle body that supports both 17.5mm and 20mm MAP sensor bolt spacing (20mm is the popular Bosch series).

This port injection only version uses a different lower runner section that removes the provision for the direct injection rail and replaces it with extra injector bungs appropriately aimed at the cylinder port. Billet brackets replace the factory tie down bracket for this option.

All fuel rails are included in each intake, so there is no need to purchase other rails (DI/PI version comes with one pair while the port only version comes with an extra pair specific to the added port injectors).

The PCV connection will come in 10 ORB for the port injection only version.

Powder coating, anodizing, laser/machine engraving, and even custom top shells are all available. Please contact us for information and pricing.




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