T1 M1 AWD Huracan/R8 Harness

T1 M1 AWD harness for the Lamborghini Huracan and Audi R8

The Huracan and R8 AWD platform uses a separate computer to control the front to rear torque split.  It offers no adjustability or ability to switch the car to RWD (ideally to heat the tires for racing, but is also often used for dynoing in RWD).  This loom can also be used if converting a RWD car to AWD.

The standard Motec M1 plug-and-play ECU kit now allows the ability to remove the OE controller and have the slave M1 ECU handle all the control.  However, this requires some wiring to be done.

The slave ECU is in the back of the car, behind the driver, and the wires it needs to connect to are next to the battery, at the front of the car.   This makes for a roughly 15’ long loom consisting of various types of wire (heavy gauge power/ground, light gauge signal wiring, and CAN wiring) and a relay.

The slave ECU will receive the Haldex fluid pressure and fluid temp from the OE sensors and offer full closed loop pressure-based control with no external modules added, and with this loom, it’s completely plug-and-play!

Once the Motec is handling the AWD control, you have both full control and datalogging capability to really optimize things.

We offer two looms for this, both built around custom-built cable.   Because of the odd assortment of sizes and length of the loom, we had custom cable built that has exactly what is necessary, twisted as necessary, and uses tefzel wire and Raychem DR25 shrink.

The first loom has all of the necessary wires.  It comes fully terminated except for the connector at the slave ECU.   The terminals are crimped on the wires, but not populated into the connector yet, for ease of routing the harness from the battery area back to the slave ecu area.  Once at the slave, simply put the wires in their designated location on the Deutsch connector.   We keep a connector near the ECU so that once the wires are spliced into the jumper harness at the ECU, the ECU can still be removed by simply unplugging the connector near the ECU.

The second option is the same, except adds 4 22ga wires to the loom (also custom made cable as above, just with the added wires).   This additional 4 wire portion terminates on both ends in a separate connector, allowing additional components to be wired from the frunk area to the ECU, alleviating multiple harnesses having to run through the vehicle.  These 4 wires can be used for anything you desire but are often used for the intercooler water pump control (either switched to a relay or PWM control to the pump, depending on which pump is being used) and our T1 laser ride height kit, which mounts in the front driver side wheel well.  This kit needs 3 wires, so with that combo of 4 wires you can very easily add those two things to your system without having to run another loom from to back of the car.

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