T1 R8/Huracan Complete Engine Bay Fuel System | T1 01.01.04

T1 Complete engine bay fuel line and flex-fuel conversion, for use with T1 In-Tank Fuel System and stock intake manifold for Gen 2 Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan.

This kit picks up at the fuel pump feed fitting on the factory fuel tank and terminates on the factory feed line, which has been repurposed as the fuel system return in the engine bay.  The kit comes with all the necessary pre-made lines and fittings for plumbing, none of which require any permanent modification to the car. In addition to these items, an Injector Dynamics F1250 fuel filter and ethanol content analyzer are included which allow the end-user full Flex-Fuel capability, and proper filtering to protect the fuel injectors. Completing the kit is the included Fore F2i fuel pressure regulator which returns excess fuel back in the factory hard lines.

Fuel system diagram and installation instructions – Click Here

Does not include rail kit, add T1 01.01.02 for complete engine bay system.





  • All lines between fuel pump hanger and factory hard line for return
  • Injector Dynamics F1250 Fuel Filter
  • ECA Sensor
  • Fore F2i Fuel Pressure Regulator

Every fuel line in our Complete Fuel Solution is rated for ethanol use and features crimp hose ends. All lines needing heat protection are finished in a reflective heat sleeve to ensure adequate protection.

The F1250 fuel filter is vital in ensuring proper filtration for the port injection portion of the fuel system and will minimize maintenance required over the life of the vehicle.

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