T1 Turbo Kit for Audi R8 2017-2023

T1 Turbo Kit for Gen 2 Audi R8


  • T1-spec Xona turbochargers
  • Turbo accessories (oil fittings, water fittings, lines, etc.)
  • T1 water to air intercoolers, with Garrett cores
  • T1 turbo manifolds
  • T1 turbo mounting system
  • T1-spec manifold and turbine blankets
  • Any choice of custom powdercoating on compressor covers, intercoolers, piping, intakes, and intake ducting
  • Cerakote ceramic coating on manifolds, turbine housings, and main exhaust
  • Turbosmart Raceport BOV’s
  • Turbosmart Hypergate Wastegates
  • T1-spec dual solenoid boost control systems, with harness T1 front mount water/air heat exchanger with thermal coating
  • T1 16AN intercooler water line system
  • T1 stainless steel 3.5″ exhaust, v-band connections 2.5* intercooler piping kit, Vibrant HD clamps
  • T1 4″ intakes with air ducts
  • T1 water tank
  • Brushless intercooler water pump, with harness
  • МАР/ТМАР sensors and harnesses

Pricing may vary based on options selected, please call or send us an email for pricing and shipping options!




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