T1 Ultimate Ignition Kit


  • The T1 Ultimate ignition kit is just that, the ultimate ignition kit for your B series Honda. This system will work with AEM, MoTec or any ecu with 4 ignition outputs. It will not work with any Honda ecu based system. The kit consists of an M&W Pro 14 ignition amplifier, a full custom wire harness for the Pro 14 with mil spec shielded wire and a coil subharness, (4) new OEM Honda CBR ignition coils with new connectors, a T1 Cam Trigger kit with a black gear, and a wire harness for the cam trigger kit. This is the same setup we run on our high end race cars. You get a quality, reliable ignition setup that’s been track proven for over 1000hp! Priced individually, these components total over $2050!



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