T1 V10 ID BPC Single to Dual Conversion Harness

T1 ID BPC Single to Dual Conversion Harness for 2nd generation Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan

The T1 v10 BPC PNP wire harness is designed to plug into the connector that used to plug into the OE Fuel Pump Control Module.  From this we get our PWM signal, ground, and switched 12v signal.  This makes for a very clean and easy install in single pump applications.

When the situation calls for dual pumps, the OE FPCM is retained to drive the second pump.  In doing so, that means our PNP harness no longer works.

This supplemental harness plugs into the T1 BPC PNP wire harness and extends the wiring out to the Motec Master ECU.  This takes care of wiring the switched 12v signal, ground, PWM- and CAN HI/LO for diagnostics.   The harness includes a 6 pin DTM near the ecu for easy ecu/harness removal for service down the road.

The 5 wires that need to be wired at the ecu are as follows.  This all wires into the ‘E’ connector (the one on the top of the adaptor box)

DTM Pin 1 – Ground, black wire.  This will pin directly to pin E08

DTM Pin 2 – PWM-, white wire.  This will splice into the white wire that WAS in E26

DTM Pin 3 – CAN LO, green wire.  This will pin directly to pin E32 (CAN1 on ecu)

DTM Pin 4 – CAN HI, yellow wire.  This will pin directly to pin E33

DTM Pin 5 – n/a

DTM Pin 6 – Switched 12v, red wire.  This will pin directly to pin E01

Note – install one of the removed blanks into the now void cavity where the wire was in E26

The PWM- wire is now going to be controlled by the HB10 output on the slave ecu.  You’ll need to configure it to use the expander outputs on the slave and assign the HB10 resource to Fuel Pressure Control or Fuel Pump Main in the master to control the BPC.




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