T1 V10 Keypad Kit

T1 Keypad Kit for Lamborghini Huracan and 2nd Generation Audi R8

Being able to quickly change maps, adjust traction settings, and perform a multitude of other changes in the ECU has it’s obvious advantages. On R8’s and cruise control equipped Huracans some of these things can be handled through the OE buttons, but many Huracans came without cruise control, severely limiting settings the driver can change on the fly. For those that desire having these adjustments we created a simple mounting solution for the MoTeC 8 position keypad which clicks into the passenger seat belt buckle. This mounting solution doesn’t require any cutting or drilling, while putting the keypad in a very easy to reach location.  The keypad is fully configurable by the tuner via the MoTeC ECU and our PNP harness makes wiring it in a breeze.

(1) MoTeC 8 Position CAN Keypad – with labels
(1) T1 M1 V10 Keypad Harness
(1) T1 Buckle Mount for MoTeC Keypad





The T1 Buckle Mount clicks into the passenger seat belt buckle socket when in use, giving you the ability to change settings on the fly during track days. When not in use, the mount and keypad can be unbuckled and stored safely in the glove box.

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