Verkline Huracan/R8 Full Suspension Set

Verkline Full Suspension Set for 2nd Generation Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan

Two possible setups, with alignment instructions provided with the kit, for the car setup:

  • “Extreme Drag” – setup for maximizing longitudinal grip and stability, minimizing rolling resistance.
  • “Fast Road” – increased longitudinal grip and stability without impact on handling.- Minimized camber gain, which allows for increasing tire grip.

Benefits to the customer of the R8/Huracan full kit:

  • Possibility of using 15″ rims (the most popular size of drag tires), with our uprights. New brake system is necessary.
  • Minimized bump steer, lower rolling resistance.
  • Highly increased caster with drag setup for better 200km/h+ (125mph+) stability.
  • Improved ackerman for better car high speed stability.
  • Significant increase of stiffness and strength to withstand extreme drag racing (0-60 ft) demands e.g. double shear upright mounts.
  • High quality uniballs/rod-ends made in Europe – minimal suspension compliance.

Possible additional adjustments with improved suspension kinematics:

  • camber
  • caster
  • toe

Those adjustments are not possible with OEM suspension.

Works plug and play with OEM chassis, wheels and factory brakes. No modifications are required. This kit is not recommended for track/road course use where there is a lot of camber necessary (-2.0 degrees or more). For this case we will offer our adjustable arms only.

Complete full kit for one car consists of:

  • Two front uprights
  • Two front lower wishbones
  • Two front upper wishbones
  • Two front steering rod ends
  • Two rear uprights
  • Two rear lower wishbones
  • Two rear upper wishbones
  • Two rear toe links

There are two rear toe links options please verify which model below:

  1. Audi R8 Gen2 / Lamborghini Huracan 580-2 (longer arm)
  2. Lamborghini Huracan 610-4 / Performante (shorter arm)



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