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Want the best parts and best service in the industry? You're in the right place. We've done all the hard work so you don’t have to. With over 18 years of experience building, tuning, and racing turbocharged imports… when it comes to deciding on the right parts for your project, we’ll make sure that you’ll get what you need the first time. If you're the slightest bit unsure about what will be needed, please contact us and we'll help you figure out the best solution for your application.

Our online store is only for orders shipped within the United States at this time, but we do ship internationally daily. Please email us as at sales@t1racedevelopement.com for international order inquiries or give us a call at 214-607-9022.

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About Us

Opened for business: July 2005
Position: Owner / Bossman / Tuner / Driver
Responsibilities: Oversee the day-to-day business dealings for T1 Race Development and Injector Dynamics, Dyno Tuning, Race Car Driver, Product Development

Interests/Accomplishments:As a teenager, Tony had always been mechanically inclined and heavily into BMX bikes…which naturally led to him scoring his first job working as a mechanic at a local bike shop. Soon after, he made the jump to working on cars. It all started in 1996, just after high school, when he purchased a set of lowering springs for his 93 Civic DX and installed them himself. The shop he had purchased them from was impressed with how quickly he performed the install and offered him a job on the spot. Upon entry to the import performance industry, things took off and he continually learned and grew his skills and experience from there. During his time at this shop, he became the crew chief for the record-breaking Hot Rod-class Honda Civic, the lead fabricator, and lead tuner. After 7 years had passed, Tony was offered a position to work as a chassis / race fabricator at Norwood Autocraft, where he spent 2 years building some of the most cutting-edge and forward thinking FWD drag cars to ever compete. In 2005, the decision was made to do his own thing and open up T1 Race Development. 8 years after opening the doors in July of 2005, things are going better than ever and T1 is experiencing continuous growth in all aspects of the business. In his time off, Tony enjoys spending time with his wife Amie, his daughter Lola, his little boy Kobe, and the rest of his family. He also enjoys working out, racing shifter karts, and hanging out at the pool on the weekends.

Hire date: October 2011
Position: Shop Foreman / Lead Fabricator / Engine Builder
Responsibilities: High-level turbo system, fuel system, and drivetrain fabrication, GTR engine building, injector machining, all-around project-build mechanic

Interests: Over the last ten years I’ve developed an undying passion for what I do today. I started with Turbo Hondas back in 2002 and then graduated to a 600hp MR-2 in 2005, which was when I attended my first TX2K event (back when it was still called “The Supra Nationals”). From that day forward, the TX2K events would serve as the proving ground for all of the knowledge gained during the course of the previous year. Instead of going to a college to ‘learn’, I decided to build a new car every year, teaching myself new skills and testing new theories along the way. My ‘fabricator side’ led me to build projects like the LS1-powered 3rd generation RX-7. In 2008, I built a single turbo, six-speed hardtop Supra that made 800+ rwhp and ran 9.80 @ 143mph. In 2010 I performed the first LS1 swap into a Lexus IS300. It’s this love for the sport that brought me to T1 Race Development where I can stretch my creative legs while learning from the best in the business.

Hire date:February 2013
Position:GTR Tech
Responsibilities: All-around project build mechanic, and injector machining

Interests:As a kid I really only wanted one profession as an adult; to be apart of a race team. A work release program in high school placed me in a local dealership at 16 and that is what got my automotive career rolling. From there I went onto UTI in Houston where I graduated in the top percentile of my class and was accepted to further my education with the Mercedes Benz Elite program. That summer at 19, I became an ASE master certified technician. I spent the next several years in dealerships specializing in all aspects of high end luxury and performance vehicles.

My current project is an Acura Integra GS-R that I have had since I was 16. It's come a long way and had many different setups in it and even belonged to a best friend for a few years. With the help of Tony and Matt it now makes 900hp and is ready to attend many IFO events in 2014, so keep an eye out for it and come and say hi if you happen to see me at an event!

T1 Race Development, to me, has been the standard for excellence in the performance industry. For several years I have followed and supported Tony as he continued to prove the undeniable talent of this shop. To now be apart of such an amazing team and be surrounded by the incredible knowledge and raw talent here can only mean great things for me as a technician. I am thoroughly excited every day for work can't wait to see what the future holds.

Hire date:June 2013
Position:GTR Tech
Responsibilities: High-level turbo system, fuel system, and drivetrain fabrication, GTR engine building, injector machining, all-around project-build mechanic

Interests:My dad taught me how to drive anything with wheels as soon as I could walk. I started competitive racing ATV's at five and moved to dirt track racing at thirteen. I started out running mini stocks, then modifieds, and eventually moved to sprint cars. My first import was a 2000 Civic SI, and I fell in love with Japanese vehicles. I began building and modifying Evo's and currently hold the Centerville, AR track record in Super Import as well as numerous wins in autocrossing. My focus was to build a street car that was consistent and fast, and that's exactly what I did.

My journey to T1 has been one of hard work and diligence. I always knew that working for Tony was my ultimate goal, and I put the work in to get here. My job encompasses my passion in life, so it doesn't even feel like work. It feels like an extension of what I was already doing in my free time.

I know with the experience I'm surrounded with everyday at T1 that I will become the best mechanic and driver that I can be. The wealth of knowledge is insurmountable.

Hire date:June 2011
Position:Sales, Injector Service, and Customer Support.
Sales:Phone sales & international wholesale account management.
Marketing:Marketing material & application guide for Injector Dynamics and T1.
Social Media:Manage Instagram page

Interests:My fascination with cars started as a little boy, with Hot Wheels & Matchbox cars. I had a pretty big collection, and would study and memorize the shape of each model. Whenever I would be out riding around with my mom, I’d spend the day car-spotting all of the cars from my collection. Once I got older, I started collecting & studying every car magazine I could get my hands on (I have car magazines dating back to the mid-eighties), trying to learn as much as I could. After graduating high school, I ended up riding public transportation for a couple of years until I could afford my first car, a 1995 Miata. Long story short…once I found out that you could make this little car go fast…it was game over. I met Tony back in ‘98 or so when I was getting my car baseline-dyno’d for the first time (101.3 rwhp of fury!). I played around with a couple of turbo ‘kits’ and had plenty of fun before I decided to scrap them all and build my own, from top-to-bottom. Once the project was done, the car had the best of everything that was available (for the year 2000), inside and out. With Tony and Ben Strader (of EFI University) tuning the keys on the Haltech, it layed down 472 rwhp / 355 ft/lbs, which was more than anyone had ever made on that particular motor, at that time. On drag radials and full street-trim, the 2350lb car went 11.2 @ 129 mph. My Miata was also chosen to compete in Sport Compact Car Magazine’s Ultimate Street Car Challenge in 2004 (add link). I sold it on eBay in 2005 and moved on to an ‘old man’s’ car…a Lexus GS300. From 2001 to 2003, I worked with Tony at Jotech Motorsports as a salesman, and watched his knowledge and experience grow at an exponential rate. During this time, I also got to travel to many races during the height of the sport (NHRA days), meet many of the originators of this Sport Compact movement (Steph Papadakis, Lisa & Gary Kubo, Myles Bautista, Christian Rado, Viet Lam, Craig Paisley, Joel Mandl, JoJo Callos, Ed & Ron Bergenholtz, Adam Saruwatari, Ari Yallon, Abel Ibarra, John Lingenfelter, etc), witness history unfold, and live out some of my dreams. After my time at Jotech, I spent a year and a half working for Bob Norwood at Norwood Autocraft. After this, I spent seven years in real estate finance with Bank of America, before coming to work with Tony again at T1 Race Development. Although I still love finance / economics…Corporate America is not my cup of tea. I love my job at T1 though, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for a company with so much potential. I am also a huge Formula 1 fan, and am always looking for any auto-related events in the Dallas area to check out. Aside from cars, I love music (specifically hip hop/r&b and blues guitar), photography & video, sneakers (Air Jordans for days), Science (physics, astronomy, nature, neuroscience, psychology, synergetics, etc), History (real World & US history), Design (Art & Architecture), and TED talks. I know, I know…I’m a nerd. I can’t help it…it’s just how I was built..

Hire date: March 2011
Position:Sales. Well, that’s the short story haha! First and foremost, I try to always deliver excellent customer service to our retail and wholesale customers alike; be it by telephone, email, or even walk ins. I do a good part of the wholesale invoicing so that is a big part of what I’m responsible for also. I even do a little purchasing, receiving, shipping, and some filing when it starts overflowing!

Interests:I love working here! I’ve been around cars since I was a small child. My father had (and still has) a 1970 Chevelle with a 454 big-block with nitrous, always loved that car. I started working on cars when I got my first vehicle, when one day my dad brought home a beat up 1986 Dodge Ram. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted but it had wheels on it! My dad and I put a lot of work into it, painted it, got a rebuilt engine and dropped it in, redid the interior, etc. It was a good experience and taught me how “everything is hard”. After that I got my first Honda, a super clean Captiva blue 1993 Civic hatch. I swapped in a d16z6 and converted the car to manual after the engine dropped a valve for no reason almost immediately after purchase, before that I never turned a wrench on a car like this. I was hooked. I ended up saving up for a while and finally swapped a b18b1 and then saved for another year or two to get my first turbo kit! That’s when the fun really started. I’ve had eight Honda’s all together by now and the new project is an IS300, it’s going to be my coolest build yet!

Hire date:April 2009
Position:International Shipping Manager / Inventory Control / Product Assembly
Responsibilities:Packaging of all T1 / Injector Dynamics shipments, Management of Inventory, Assembly of T1 / Injector Dynamics products to be shipped out

Interests:Carlos started out with T1 back in 2009 as a shop tech…performing installs, doing motor swaps, and some light fabrication work. As the business grew, the need for a dedicated shipping manager arose, and Carlos was chosen as the man for the job. He manages the grouping, assembly, and packaging for the 30-50 packages that ship out of T1 on a daily basis. His attention to detail and high level of thoroughness are applied to every order, which means that you can count on Carlos to get your order right, every time. He started getting into the performance scene pretty heavily at the age of 16, while hitting up the local late-night street racing spots in his hometown. He has owned/built quite a few Hondas along the way, including: a GSR-swapped 95 Civic coupe, a black 93-model B20/VTEC-swapped Civic hatch, a white 93-model LS/VTEC-swapped Civic hatch, a white 97-model Integra with a fully-built B20/VTEC and Type R transmission, a red 99 Integra with a JDM front conversion and GSR motor, and most recently a turbo S2000 he built. Carlos currently pilots a 2013 STi with some big plans in mind. Outside of work, Carlos likes to hit the gym 3-4 times per week, spend quality time with his fiance, and check out the local car-meets.

Hire date:June 2014
Responsibilities:Shipping/packing, T1 product assembly

Interests:Growing up I've always had a thing for fast cars. As time went by I found myself always helping my dad work on his car; safe to say I was eager to lend a hand. I learned how to drive stick around the age of 12, and by the time I was 15 landed my first job and saved up for my first car. I bought a red Integra with a JDM front clip. By the age of 18 I had my handful of Hondas. If I wasn't in school I was outside working on my car or a friends' car constantly trying to learn something new. T1 has always been a dream job for me, I've always looked up to Tony as being the best at what he does! It's honestly a privilege and an honor to work for him. I am truly grateful to be surrounded by amazing co-workers that share a common passion for the sport of racing, and are there to share their raw knowledge. Excited about the future!

Hire date:May 2012
Position: Shop Assistant / Shipping Assistant
Responsibilities: Product assembly, order preparation, shop duties

Interests:As you may have guessed by the last name...he is Tony’s younger brother (and has an twin brother named Nick). Since he has been with T1, Frank has been building on the knowledge and experience that he has gained during his five years of prior experience in the automotive industry. He is always ready to assist Carlos with building assemblies and preparing orders. He also works with Matt and the crew in the shop, assisting wherever his help is most needed (including keeping things tidy), and also helps with local parts pick-up and delivery. Aside form working at T1, he also works as a bouncer at a local breastaurant…making sure no boobies step out of line. And in his free time, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, working out, spending time with the family, and racing radio-controlled cars.

Hire date:November 2012
Position:Project Manager
Responsibilities: Setting up customer builds, keeping project builds on track, customer relations, parts ordering and receiving, accounting, advertising, and media production


I have been interested in cars ever since I was young, probably due to learning to drive stick and riding shotgun in my Dad's 1970 Z28; which he still has. I didn't get much of a chance to start working on or racing cars until college when I got my first performance oriented car. It seems like a pretty small accomplishment now, but I modified my 2005 Cobalt SS (supercharged) with what I could afford through college; and too this day still hold the record for the fastest and quickest stock blower/stock motor car. I attended the University of Central Arkansas on a full academic scholarship and graduated in 2009 with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. After college I started to get interested in the Honda world more, mainly due to my friends all drag racing them. Career wise I learned the service side of the auto industry through a couple jobs I held and was successful at. On the personal side of things, keeping in touch with my friends and family back in Arkansas is extremely important and I have an awesome lab/shepherd mix named Mia that is like my kid!

I respected Tony and his crew long before I received the opportunity to come work here, and I am ecstatic at the chance to help take this shop to the next level. He has an awesome group of guys already in place and I can see nothing but great things in the future. Keep an eye out for what T1 has in store for the future, you will not want to miss it!

Hire date:March 2013
Responsibilities: Sales, customer relations, and technical support


I've always had a passion for cars since I was kid thanks to my dad. It started with toys and then moved on to reading his car magazines and remembering 0-60 and 1/4 mile times for pretty much any car out there. When I became old enough to drive I went straight to Hondas. My first car was a 1998 civic and then I went on to a GS-R with a supercharger on it. That then led to a swapped and boosted EG hatch and then a T1 built Evo with a custom GT35R setup on it which was featured in Dsport magazine. So that's my background with cars, now let's move on to my other passion. Along with cars came my interest in photography and photographing cars. I have a photo journalism degree from UNT and throughout college I did freelance work for Modified magazine, Modified Mustangs, Modified Luxury and Exotics, Dsport, and TunerZine.com with my first published work appearing in Dsport in May of 2005. Always keeping in touch with Tony and traveling to races along with the T1 crew I took the opportunity to join it in March of 2013 when growth led to an opening in the sales department.

Our Projects

Being focused primarily on Full Project Builds means that you’ll find us turning wrenches on anywhere from 8 - 10 projects in the shop, on any given day. The unfortunate part of this is that unless you’re here…you don’t usually get to see them. We’ve decided to change that. Stay up to date on the progress of our project builds here, with photos and build-diaries updated often…


Whether you're in the process bringing a project to completion, or taking the next step in the path of upgrading your engine's performance, the most critical piece of the puzzle will always be the tuning. Countless hours and cubic dollars are invested in building a high performance vehicle (not to mention the blood & sweat). Time spent researching, obtaining, and assembling all of the best parts for your engine is important, but without optimization of the fuel and spark those parts can quickly become paperweights. Even the best symphony in the world is nothing without a conductor to orchestrate the events with flawless timing and perfection.

We pride ourselves in providing the best tuning solutions available. With over 15 years of experience in tuning electronic fuel injection systems, we have the track record and reputation to prove our capabilities. DSport Magazine thought so too, when they named Tony Palo to their 'Top 10 Tuners of the Past 10 Years' feature (Sept. 2012).

As our primary tuning tool, we utilize a state-of-the-art Mainline AWD1800 All-Wheel Drive dyno. Data analysis and recording is important for tuning and especially troublshooting. Our dyno is fitted with fuel flow meters (in and out), an ethanol content analyzer, multiple pressure and temperature sensors, voltage inputs (handy for logging fuel pump voltage during a run), etc.

We also work closely with EFI University to educate tuners about fuel injection and have hosted both EFI 101 and EFI 102 (Advanced Tuning Concepts) classes, as well as attending Motec's Version 3 and M1 tuning courses.

At this time we are focusing on the R35 GT-R platform and only tuning on that application. Please contact us for pricing.

Perfection doesn't always come in a 'bolt on' format.   We have the tools, experience, and ability to tackle any fabrication necessary for our project builds.  You can feel safe knowing your project will be handled under one roof from beginning to end and you will receive nothing but top quality service in all regards. 


For your convenience, payment for items purchased on this website can be made with all major credit cards, via PayPal, or over the telephone. Your order will be processed and will be shipped once the verification of payment is received and confirmed.
Acceptable forms of payment are listed below:

  • Credit Cards (VISA, Master, AMEX, Discover)
  • PayPal
  • Certified Bank or Cashier's Check
  • Wire Fund Transfer (required on all international purchases)

All merchandise remains the property of T1 Race Development until payment is fully accepted. In the event that a typographical error in price is made, your order will be held until you are contacted and an appropriate course of action is made. We will not be held responsible or be obligated to provide a product at a price which was quoted in error. All prices are shown in United States currency ($US dollars). Prices are subject to change without prior notice. You will be notified of any price change at the time of order. Prices do not include Shipping or Handling Charges, unless otherwise stated.


Items will be shipped via United Parcel Service (UPS) unless prohibited by size or weight, in which case a motor freight carrier will be used. Expedited shipping may be available at additional cost upon request. Once your order is shipped, please allow 5-7 days for delivery unless expedited / guaranteed service was selected at the time of purchase. T1 Race Development is not responsible for any packages once in transit, so please carefully check all packages before accepting delivery. It is the customer's responsibility to receive the package at the given address.

T1 Race Development properly checks items before shipment is released and delivers merchandise to UPS couriers secured, protected and in a safely packaged manor. If a package appears damaged when you receive it, indicate the condition of the package upon your receipt of goods from UPS along with your validation. If damage is discovered after opening the package, notify the UPS immediately. Claims for damage must be handled through the shipping courier, not with T1 Race Development.


T1 Race Development does not accept unauthorized returns. All returns require a Return Merchandise Authorization number from T1 Race Development. Please contact us at 214-607-9022 and ask to obtain a RMA. All returns must be shipped back in new condition and original packaging within 30 days of delivery and are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Returns will not be accepted for used or special order items, electrical devices or items which have been modified in any way - no exceptions will be made.


T1 Race Development stocks most items in order to facilitate the quickest possible delivery to our customers. However, due to high demand and the 'custom' nature of certain parts, particular items may not be in stock. If a certain item is not in stock, it will be shipped at the earliest possible date. Prepayment in full is required for special order items. Special order items are non refundable.


T1 Race Development has carefully chosen its product offerings, and all products are guaranteed to be first quality merchandise. Many products carry a manufacturer's warranty. T1 Race Development will pass this warranty on to the original buyer. Parts purchased used or purchased through unauthorized distribution channels will no longer carry a warranty whatsoever. There is no warranty, expressed or implied, on any parts used for competition or track events. Additionally, there is no warranty on electrical parts. Buyer shall notify T1 Race Development immediately upon discovery of any product defect.

Defective items must be returned for replacement in accordance with our return policy and at buyer's expense. We will replace all defective items that meet our return/replacement requirements, but will not accept any liability for loss or inconvenience caused by their use or failure. All warranties are voided if defect has been caused in whole or in part by improper installation, abuse or misuse. We reserve the right to withhold issuance of credit until returned defective part has been examined and tested.

The warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase, and ONLY covers manufacturer defects. As with any aftermarket fuel injector, in order to have the expected longevity the customer must use the proper type of fuel and filtration in the fuel system. Failure to do so will decrease fuel flow, longevity, and reliability. Instances where the customer has failed to take the proper filtration measures or ignored warnings about fuel types will not be covered under warranty.


The purchaser of any product releases the manufacturer of the part, T1 Race Development, and Injector Dynamics from all liabilities pertaining to the use of the part; buyer assumes all liability and risk associated with the use of all products. The purchaser recognizes that any alteration or modification to any motor vehicle may increase the risk of injury or accident and may render the vehicle illegal for use on public roads and highways.

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