The Injector Dynamics ID1700 is here!

After nearly two years of development totaling 18 different iterations, Injector Dynamics is proud to release the ID1700, a true Motorsport injector from the unique partnership of Injector Dynamics and Bosch Motorsport.   

The ID1700 is a clean sheet design with a unique valve, valve seat, and magnetic circuit, with key internal components manufactured in house by Injector Dynamics.   Like the ID1300, the ID1700 is hand assembled at the Bosch Sample Shop in Charleston SC, the same facility responsible for OE prototypes and custom injectors for nearly every professional race series in the US (NASCAR, Indy, ALMS, etc.)

  • In addition to flowing ≈ 175cc/min more than any EV-14 based injector on the market, the ID1700 will perform perfectly in modern high pressure automotive fuel systems, requiring only 9 volts to open consistently at 6 bar differential fuel pressure.  In spite of it's higher flow rate, the ID1700 has better minimum fuel mass than the 333/334, better consistency due to the unique magnetic circuit, and a 13% lower minimum fuel mass than the ID2000.
  •  The ID1700 has a replaceable inlet screen, unlike the standard captured non replaceable filter that does not always respond to ultrasonic cleaning. 
  •  The ID1700 was designed to be an all fuel compatible injector, capable of very high flow rates.  As such it will often be used to deliver E85 to boosted engines, or occasionally, gasoline in extreme high horsepower applications.   Neither of these applications require extended linearity at low flow rates, so this was given a proportionately lower priority during the design process.  The ID1700 will deliver flawless stoichiometric idle and cruise mixtures on E85 in most engines, but like the ID2000, should not be expected to do so on gasoline.  If your customer requires flawless driveability on gasoline, the ID1300 will provide this, and is capable of approximately 150hp per injector on E85. 
  •  The ID1700 is being shipped with our all new adapter system which provides increased clearance due to a smaller clip, spring loaded face seals where applicable, and a greater selection of fitment options, solving numerous fitment issues presented to us by our dealers. 
  •  The Injector Dynamics Fuel Flow Calculator has been updated to include the ID1700, and should help you select the best injector for the application.

Application specific part numbers and pricing can be found  at