ID F1250 In-line Fuel Filter

Injector Dynamics ID F1250 in-line fuel filter

An electronic fuel injector is the most precise component in a modern engine, with dimensions and tolerances measured in microns.

Trouble free operation requires proper filtration; defined by Bosch as a minimum capture efficiency of 87% at 5 microns, and 100% at 35 microns. To put that in perspective, the average human hair measures approximately 75 microns in diameter.

The F1250 provides this level of filtration with a pressure drop of 1.1psi at a flow rate of 1,250 l/h – Enough to support ≈2,500hp on ethanol, and ≈3,750 on gasoline.

The F1250 has fully anodized internals, fluorosilicone o-rings, and a glass fiber filter element making it compatible with all fuels.

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Basic Specifications

Nominal Flow Rate – 1250 l/h @ 7.5 kPa (1.1 psi) pressure drop.
Maximum Fuel Pressure – 10.0 Bar (145.0 psi)
Fuel Compatibility – Compatible with all known fuels
Fluid Connection – SAE -10 ORB port

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