Super 94HTZ

FP HTZ Super 94 Ball Bearing

The new FP HTZ™ Super 94 shares a lot of similarities with our existing FP HTA™ GT3794R but utilizes a larger frame ball bearing CHRA with 10MM bearings instead of 8MM like in the 35R. It incorporates an all new larger 76MM turbine wheel in our T3 .85 A/R turbine housing so that you can keep your existing manifold. The compressor wheel remains unchanged but finds a new home in our new larger T4S cover. So it’s like an FP HTA™ GT3794R hit the gym over the winter and has come back packing a bit more punch.

Compressor wheel – 94HTA
Flow Rating – 95LB per minute
CW Measurements – 67.7MM Inducer / 94MM Exducer
TW Measurements – 76MM Inducer / 67MM Exducer
Compressor Housing – FP1S Compressor Cover 4″ inlet 2.5″ outlet
Turbine Housing – FP .85 T3 TH
Oil Line – Not Included



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