GT1R Fuel Cell Line Kit

When stepping up to our GT1R Mechanical Fuel Pump Kit there is a great deal of time required in figuring out line routing throughout the car. Luckily, in addition to our GT1R Methanol Fuel Line Kit we offer this line kit to mate the GT1R Fuel Cell Kit and complete the package.  All lines in the kit are methanol compatible and feature crimp fittings.  Bulkhead assemblies for getting lines out of trunk are all included. This version is designed to work with vehicles that will not retain any exhaust behind the engine itself.

***Not compatible with M5***




Lines Included:

  • -16AN filter pre filter inlet
  • -16AN filter pre filter outlet
  • -16AN pump inlet
  • -12AN drain
  • -8AN return
  • -8AN vent

Installation instructions can be found here:

GT1R Fuel Cell Line Kit Instructions

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