GT1R Methanol Fuel Line Kit (Stock Location Turbos)

In an effort to make it as easy as possible to build 2000+hp methanol monsters, we’ve put together a complete fuel system kit.  We have had our GT1R Mechanical Fuel Pump Kit on the market for some time now, and it’s proving it’s worth on some of the quickest R35 GTR’s on the planet, with many more climbing their way up the ladder or still in the build stages.

The GT1R Methanol Fuel Line Kit makes plumbing your GT1R Mechanical Fuel Pump Kit a breeze. This version of the kit is designed to be used on cars wishing to retain a full exhaust system. All lines and components are safely routed and secured so factory location downpipes and exhaust may be kept in place.

***Not compatible with M5***




We start out with a Peterson 100 micron stainless element pre filter for the pump.  This mounts in the trunk of the car and includes a mount.   Getting the fuel to the pre filter is not part of this system, as it will depend on the fuel cell configuration on what that will take, but you just need to get it from the cell to the pre filter with a 16AN line (YES, 16AN!!). We now offer the GT1R Fuel Cell Kit and GT1R Fuel Cell Line Kit to make this as painless as possible.

From the Peterson filter we go to the rear mounted pump, keeping the pump close to the cell and gravity fed for proper performance and no priming issues.

Out of the Kinsler fuel pump (pump NOT included in the line kit, part of the pump kit), we run a 10AN line to a Y, which goes to a pair of Fore Innovations 12 micron microglass elements.   We use these two in parallel like this to meet the ridiculous fuel flow demands of 2500+hp on methanol, and the microglass elements sufficiently filter the system to prevent injector problems.   The Fore filters include a CNC mount.

Out of the filters we Y back into a single 10AN line toward the front of the car.   On the bellhousing we mount a Peterson billet 3 to 1 adapter, which takes our 10AN line and splits it to (3) 6AN lines, one line feeding each fuel rail (bank 1, bank 2, and secondary rail).

From each fuel rail we run back out to an Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator mounted in the battery compartment.   The mount for the regulator is also included.

From the bottom of the regulator we run an 8AN line all the way back to the rear trunk bulkhead.   We include an 8AN bulkhead fitting and the return line runs to that.   Getting the fuel from this bulkhead inside the trunk to the fuel cell is again up to you, unless you opt for the fuel cell line kit.

A few details to note:

  • This kit is built with Redhorse crimp fittings and hose, which are all methanol compatible.
  • All necessary fittings for the regulator, rails, and filters are included.
  • We need to know which primary/secondary fuel rails you’re using, and which intake manifold you’re using to supply the correct parts to suit.
  • Proper fuel system maintenance is key with methanol.  The system should be pickled between events and kept sealed if sitting in methanol (cap any system vents).  Do not allow to sit in methanol for more than a week or so at a time.   If you use an aluminum fuel cell, make sure it is hard anodized inside and out, the methanol will eat it alive if it’s not.   We recommend a methanol compatible plastic fuel cell when possible.

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