Chuck G’s R35 GTR

While Chuck claims to be a die-hard Mopar muscle car enthusiast, the allure of owning a properly built R35 was too much and he caved in 2019.  Having owned multiple single-digit 1/4 mile cars, he had every intention of his newly acquired GT-R fitting right in, if not becoming the fastest car in his stable.  When he purchased this previously build T1 car it already put out an impressive 1,600whp, but he wanted to ensure the car was capable of 7-second passes at any given time, at any given track. Chuck pulled the trigger on a Series 7 package and with over 1,800whp on tap this car should have no problem clicking off 7-second and 180mph+ traps at will.

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George captures GTR World Record at 2021 World Cup Finals!

George Dodworth, owner, and pilot of NightFury captured the R35 GTR World Record during the 2021 World Cup Finals in Maryland with a blistering 6.51 @230mph pass!

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