GT1R Small Front Brake Kit

With the never ending search for more power and lower ET’s comes the need for better traction and lower weight.  Unfortunately, being able to run a 17″ wheel and tire package up front on the R35 requires ditching the factory brakes.  T1 and WP Pro Brakes teamed up to design hands down the best small front brake kit available.

Before taking on this project we needed to ensure that there would be no significant loss in braking power. The smaller brakes still needed to be able to safely stop the car, regardless of the car being equipped with a parachute. WP Pro Brakes designed a great kit utilizing a 345mm diameter rotor (standard material is steel, carbon is an option), that is still 30mm wide (same as stock), along with a 6 piston caliper that all bolts directly up to the stock hub with no modification.

We have used these brakes on everything from 200+mph 1/4 mile to 240mph 1/2 mile runs with extreme confidence.  The kit comes with calipers, caliper mounting hardware, steel rotors, and brake lines.

Please select either silver or black caliper color below.




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