GT1R 15×12″ Carbon Rear Drag Pack

The GT1R Carbon Rear Drag Pack is the single most refined and effective brake/wheel combo for your drag-prepped R35 GT-R.  Like our GT1R Carbon Front Drag Pack the lightweight rear wheels can be ordered in either beadlock or non-beadlock styles, and the brakes save an astonishing 58lbs over stock.

*The complete brake kit is solely intended for use at the drag strip with an adequate parachute system. The front brakes are not recommended for street use*

Strange recommends retorquing the rotor hats before every event (15-20 ft-lbs.)

Wheels come in either the standard finish (black face and center, polished barrel), powdercoated barrel, or completely custom powdercoated. If you are wanting your wheels powdercoated, give us a call and we can help you pick out the perfect color, check out our SAMPLES PAGE for some ideas!

The wheels come standard with ARP stainless hardware.

A set of titanium lug bolts come at no additional charge with each wheel, or you can upgrade to a set of black anodized lug bolts for an additional fee.

*Please call for shipping options and rates*




Includes pair of Belak 15×12″ wheels with all titanium hardware, Mickey Thompson 28×10.5W drag slicks, Strange 11″ carbon rotors, Strange carbon pads, T1 brake caliper adapter, SPL High Clearance Rear Traction Arms, brake lines, rear knuckles, and all fasteners.   These do not fit the Nissan GTR rear upright, but they ARE suitable for street use.

This kit does require and comes with the SPL High Clearance Rear Traction Arm.  You will need to have SPL Camber and Toe links in order to use this kit.  We don’t include these as standard with the kit because some people already have these pieces.  If you don’t have them and need to add them, please do so in the drop down options.

We do recommend pairing this package with one of our two front drag pack options, but at minimum an 18-inch front wheel with a soft sidewall drag radial (M&H 275/45/18 drag radial) is recommended without front slicks.

If you select to have the powdercoated barrels a sales rep will contact you regarding your color preference. At this time you may also discuss any combination of coating on the other components, charges may vary.

*The complete brake kit is solely intended for use at the drag strip with an adequate parachute system.*

Installation instructions can be found HERE

The standard finish on wheels is a polished barrel, black face with machined pockets, and black bead lock with machined pockets. Any powdercoating finish is available as an upgrade. Titanium lug nuts are included as standard equipment with the kit.

Small brake kits are nothing new in the R35 drag racing world. The T1 front and rear Drag Packs have been an incredibly popular option for drag racers looking to shed weight and run smaller wheels for more optimal tire sizes. When compared to stock the 58lbs of weight saved is a big deal, and definitely the perfect option for street cars looking to retain great braking. As the drag racing scene with the R35 community continues to grow, so does the desire for less weight. It’s no secret getting a ton of weight out of these cars isn’t always easy, but we are proud to announce the latest, and lightest, brake kit ever available for the R35.

The 15x12" wheel is available in two different style centers, Mesh or Star, and an unlimited number of powdercoat options are available.

Each kit ships complete with black sleeved stainless steel braided lines, factory hard line adapter fittings, and all necessary hardware to make installation a breeze. Minor alterations need to be made to the front knuckles for front caliper clearance. This does not prevent the factory calipers and rotors from going back on, if you want to swap back and forth for street and track use.

With all of our custom BelaK wheel options, you have the ability to customize the finish of nearly every component with any number of powdercoating options. Your imagination is truly the only limiting factor in what can be done. If the standard black/polished finish isn't what you are after you can coat the entire center in one color, or two-tone and have custom colors on the face and in the pockets.

Like the centers, the beadlock rings can be left in the standard black/polished finish, a solid color of your choice, or custom two-tone with colors on the face and the pockets.

The barrels can be left in the standard polished finish or coated in any single color of your choosing.

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