Atif A’s R35 GTR

Having worked in the performance aftermarket for years, Atif had worked with us professionally for a while before deciding to send us his personal GT-R.  As it has apparently become the “norm” at this point, anything under 2,000whp wasn’t going to cut it for Atif. With a plan in motion we got the ball rolling early in 2020 and once delivered Atif couldn’t be happier! This stunning car boasts a way bigger punch than most would assume, and when the dust settled it ended up making over 2,100whp!


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George captures GTR World Record at 2021 World Cup Finals!

George Dodworth, owner, and pilot of NightFury captured the R35 GTR World Record during the 2021 World Cup Finals in Maryland with a blistering 6.51 @230mph pass!

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